Next Steps
Next Steps

Next Steps


Being water baptized is your best Next Step after salvation. Water baptism is a public declaration of faith showing others that you have accepted Jesus and surrendered your life to Him.
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Next Steps Class

Do you want to learn more about Lifegate? In the Next Steps class you will have an opportunity to meet with others while learning about what we believe, who we are, and how to get connected at Lifegate.

Join a Lifeteam

At Lifegate we believe in going All In. You can go All In by joining a Lifeteam. Our Lifeteams serve in multiple ministry areas. From worship and media, first impressions, and working alongside our Next Gen, there’s a place for everyone at Lifegate to serve.
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Join a Lifegroup

At Lifegate we do life together! When you join a Lifegroup you grow in discipleship and your faith. We believe that in Lifegroups joy is multiplied and grief is shared. Our Lifegroups are a place where friends become like family and share their lives together.

Child dedications

At Lifegate we invest in the Next Generation. As parents, it is our job to ensure our children are raised in a community of faith. During Child Dedications you commit to raising your child/children in the house of the Lord and raising them in the ways of Jesus’ teaching.
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