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At Lifegate we want to go
ALL in for the Next Generation. We believe that every child and teen deserves a place where they can have their own moments that lead to life change. We want to remove all the obstacles and create an environment where it’s not hard for students and kids to come to Jesus.

Our All In Vision project for 2022 will do just that. We want to create a
dynamic worship space for our Lifekids that will impact every child that comes to Lifegate. We want to give our kids the best and we want parents come in and know that this church believes in their kids. It’s not just remodeling a space it is creating a moment for our Lifekids where they can encounter Jesus.

In turn, we are fully committed to our
youth remaining in our auditorium where they have access to the best media equipment, instruments, cameras, lights and plenty of space to grow.

The building is just a tool, a way to engage our kids and students, but the end product is the
NEXT GENERATION being discipled.

We know you will have questions so here are the top 4…

How much is this going to cost? $145k
How will we pay for it?
We are asking our church to pray and seek what God would have you do. Whether this is an increase in your tithe, a commitment to All In, or a one time commitment to the NextGen project.
When will it happen?
We will move at the speed of your generosity. As the money is raised we will begin the project.
How can I be involved? All we ask is that you Pray, Listen, Obey, Trust. On November 14th we will have an All In commitment and on December 5 we will take a First Fruits offering.

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Wednesdays: Lifegroups & LGY7pm
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